Monitoring the lions in Lionspruit is more than a pleasurable duty. We have two lions here. The large male is nick-named ‘Fluffy’ because as a young lion he had an enormous fluffy mane. The lioness is nick-named ‘Dezi’ or ‘Little Lady’. She is a skilled huntress.

The objectives of the monitoring programme are as follows:

  • To monitor that the lions are killing prey regularly as well as scavenging.
  • To check that they are in good condition and have no serious injuries.
  • To check that they remain in Lionspruit. Although it is fenced with ‘Big 5 fencing’, lions use warthog burrows and holes in the fences to get out of Lionspruit. Dezi did just that some months ago when she pulled an impala through the fence into Marloth Park.
  • To check that the lions have not been caught in a snare, which happened some years ago.

Our Nkomazi Municipal Rangers are responsible for the well-being of our lions and they patrol regularly looking for snares.

The Marloth Park Honorary Rangers work for and with the Municipal Rangers to assist in the valuable task of monitoring our Lionspruit lions.

There is nothing like hearing wild lions roaring in our piece of Africa. Fluffy and Dezi keep this excitement for all who live in, or visit Marloth Park.

Joce Gordon

Marloth Park Honorary Ranger 12/05/19